bookAFV Modeller
Issue 34

Published bimonthly by AFV Modeller Ltd.
64 pages soft cover A4 format.

Issue 34 contains,

Review by Jon Bailey

88mm FLAK 36  Page 2 to 9
By Glenn Bowen – 1:35
This is a DML 88mm Flak 36 built straight from the box. The builder has set the gun in an attractive scene depicting an abandoned 88 in a prepared position with a light snow covering (Cast a Snow). The gun emplacement is from Just Plane Stuff. Overall aesthetics aside, the model suffers from seams not being filled and missing details not being added such as the missing carriage hook release bars and handles. For some reason the gun has not been secured in its position? A simple but effective diorama let down by construction issues. Completed with a single U.S. figure also from DML.

Scram! Part two Page 10 to 17
By Bernhard Lustig – 1:35
Part two of the Ferdinand crew bailing out into a Russian trench diorama featured in the previous edition. More great shots of the finished diorama with a few in progress photos of the trench during construction. I was hoping for some more details about the figures but none are included. Good description of the Humbrol ‘Air Clay’ product and how to work it.

M2 Page 18 to 26
By David Parker – 1:35
David builds the new DML M2 half track with a fantastic finish. The kit has been detailed using Aber tie downs, MG barrel jackets along with the Blast stowage sets. The markings (including the dash) are from Archer. He tackles some of the detail issues including an effective way of converting the rivets to screws, but didn’t add any of the missing bolts to the suspension. It is a commonsense approach as to what to fix and what to leave alone, like the jerry can brackets. Realistically weathered in a sand and green finish, no base or figures.

M2 History Page 27 to 33
By David Doyle
Continuing with the M2 theme this brief but concise history of the M2 vehicle has 28 archive photographs (one in colour) to detail the article. There are some really nice clear shots of both the M2 and M2A1.

Xtreme Detail, M2 Pages 34 to 40
Photos by David Doyle
Completing the M2 feast is a mixture of 30 internal and external shots of a preserved M2 halftrack in the U.S., no details as too who owns it. Some very nice detail but care should be taken as there are items missing from the vehicle – frequent reference should be made to the previous article. There are some useful colour reference regarding items like the seats and tracks. Only two small shots of the engine.

White Elephant – Sherman M4A3E2 ‘Jumbo’ Page 41 to 47
By Antonio Martin Tello – 1:35
The stand out article of this edition. Using the Blast resin ‘Jumbo’ kit with a Tamiya M4 hull, AFV Club tracks, Academy wheels, Aber odds and sods, etc… The finished kit has been painted in a winter white camouflage and this and the weathering is shown and explained step by step. Highly effective finish with home made ‘Sommerfeld mating’ and stowage to complete the kit. Three crew members no base.

M3A3 Page 56 to 64
By Greg Gardner – 1:35
An extensive conversion/upgrade of an M2A2 (Tamiya or Academy kit, it’s not clear which one was used) to the current Iraq type M3A3 (although the kit is as used by 3rd Cav, Fort Hood, Texas).
Friulmodel tracks, Verlinden armour, Eduard and Voyager brass sets along with a lot of scratch building to produce an excellent vehicle. Some in progress shots but not much in the way of technique. Lightly weathered on a simple dirt base. No figures.

An immensely useful edition for the M2 enthusiast along with a load of ideas for those looking at groundwork.

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