Bundeswehr In Detail
A photo CD series for the military modeller
Volume 5

Reviews by Terry Ashley

For those after good reference material on the Bundeswehr (German Army) the site has been one of the better sites around for photographs and information on the various vehicles that make up the Bundeswehr with many excellent walkarounds on line.

Now the guys at have released a series of CDs with images from the site plus many more featuring the vehicles of the Bundeswehr.

The CD ROMs:
There are 5 CDs in the series each with from 230 to over 700 .jpg images and include general shots as well as extreme close-up detail images, just the thing for detailing your kits. And thanks to the likes of AFV Club, Revell Germany and now Trumpeter with their new FAUN Tank Transporter there are many kits available of Bundeswehr vehicles.

In all these are excellent CDs for the modeller with a wealth of detailed images of the Bundeswehr vehicles and will prove an invaluable addition to the reference library.

All CDs include a picture viewer program, which runs under all Windows versions from Windows 95 through to Windows XP.

Volume 1 Bundeswehr In Detail - Volume 1: Combat Vehicles

Walk Arounds include: Leopard 1 A5, Leopard 2 A4, Leopard 2A6, Leopard 2 Fahrschulpanzer, Spähpanzer Luchs, Schützenpanzer Marder 1 A3 and the Waffenträger Wiesel MK20.

More than 350 detail pictures.

Volume 2

Bundeswehr In Detail - Volume 2: Anti Aircraft

Walk Arounds include:Flakpanzer Gepard A1 and A2, Roland Kette, Roland Rad, Roland LVB, leFlaSys Ozelot, Ozelot Führungsfahrzeug, Luftraumüberwachungsradar LÜR, Patriot Werfer, Patriot AMA, Bergekran 15t for Patriot and Roland, as well as TPz Fuchs in the FlaFü version.

More than 730 detail pictures.

Volume 3

Bundeswehr In Detail - Volume 3: ARVs and Engineer vehicles

Walk Arounds include: Bergepanzer 2 Standard, Bergepanzer 3 Büffel, Bridgelayer Biber, Pionierpanzer Dachs, M3 Alligator, Minenwerfer Skorpion, Faltstrassengerät (FSG), Fahrzeugkran Mittel (FKM), Bergekran 15t for Roland and Patriot, as well as MAN 7t Kipper

More than 700 detail pictures.

Volume 4

Bundeswehr In Detail - Volume 4: Wheeled vehicles

Walk Arounds include: Wolf, 2t KrKw (Unimog), DB 1017, MAN 5t with fueltank, MAN 7t with variants, MAN 10t, MAN 15t Multi, SaZgM Franziska, SLT 50 Elefant, TPz Fuchs and Strassentankwagen

More than 650 detail pictures.

Volume 5

Bundeswehr In Detail - Volume 5: Artillery

Walk Arounds include: Panzerhaubitze M109 A3 GE 1 and GE 2, Panzerhaubitze 2000, Mittleres Artilleriesystem MARS (MRLS), M113 Panzermörser and MAN 7t with recce drone.

More than 230 detail pictures.

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