bookHumber Mk.I, II Scout Car
Army Wheels in Detail
Photo Manual AW02

By Petr Brojo

Capricorn Publications
Zeniskove 2124/8, 149 00 Prague 4,
Czech Republic

ISBN: 978-80-903945-0-6
36 pages soft cover

Review by Terry Ashley

Capricorn Publications of the Czech Republic have released this second book in their Army Wheels in Detail series on the Humber Mk.I, II Scout Car and is just the reference for anyone building either of the Humber SC kits released by Bronco Models (kit #CB-35009) and SKP Models (kit #SKP011).

The 36 page soft cover book measures 24cm x 22cm and has Czech and English text and photo captions with a mixture of B&W and colour photos covering wartime photos, close-up walk-around shots, 1:35 plans and illustrations from the service manuals for a good overall coverage.

The first 4 pages has wartime shots of the Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade Humber SCs in service and during the return home parade through Prague in 1945 for some interesting shots of the vehicle markings and crew uniforms and this is followed by a set of five view 1:35 plans as well as an interior engine layout profile drawing.

Pages 6 to 31 have excellent close-up walk-around photos in colour of a preserved Humber SC with sections on the exterior showing items such as the forward storage boxes open and closed, the visors inside and out, the side entry door and the fenders with associated lights and horn which are complimented with line drawings from the service manual for added clarity.

The wheels and rear engine deck are also shown with good detail shots followed by a section on the chassis with numerous shots taken from underneath the vehicle to show the diffs and drive train as well as the suspension and wheels with more line drawings to compliment these.

The engine is covered next with shots taken with the engine hood open and numerous shots looking into the bay showing the many engine, radiator and fuel tank details as well as the associated plumbing and again excellent line drawings of the engine and hood.

Next the interior is covered with full page layout drawings of the interior looking forward and to the rear showing the location of all items shown in the following 3 pages with interior photos and these interior drawings will be extremely useful for those building the Bronco kit interior.

There is a page showing the roof mounted remote gun support for the Bren or Vickers K armament usually fitted to the Humber SCs which again should be very useful for detailed the kit mountings.

Finally there are 2 pages of colour profile drawings of various Humber SCs that will be useful in determining the finish of your model.

While the book is not big at 36 pages it is packed with excellent walk-around shots and line illustrations that cover most areas of the Humber Scout Car with the B&W wartime shots added for interest.

With mainstream reference on the Humber SC fairly thin on the ground this book should prove most valuable for builders of either Humber kit currently available.

Highly recommended

Sample pages:


Thanks to SKP Models who distribute the book in the Czech Republic for the review book.

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