bookMorris Commercial C8 Quad
Army Wheels in Detail
Photo Manual AW03

By Petr Brojo

Capricorn Publications
Zeniskove 2124/8, 149 00 Prague 4,
Czech Republic

ISBN: 978-80-903945-1-3
44 pages soft cover

Review by Terry Ashley

This is the third in the Army Wheels in Detail series from Capricorn Publications and covers the British WWII Morris Commercial C8 Quad used in various variations as the tractor for the 25pdr Howitzer numerous other pieces.

The 44 page soft cover book measures 24cm x 22cm and has Czech and English text and photo captions with a mixture of B&W and colour photos covering wartime photos, close-up walk-around shots, 1:35 plans and illustrations from the service manuals for a good overall coverage. Most pages have between 1 and 6 photos and as the smaller ones only have one particular section shown are still large enough to show the details well.

The first 2 pages has a brief development history of the C8 Quad and this is followed by 18 pages with wartime shots of the Quad with some training shots but most action shots for a good overall coverage of the vehicles and their crews as well as some useful shots of the various ordnance being towed.

Pages 20 to 36 have excellent close-up walk-around photos in colour of a preserved Quads with various body types such as the Mk.I/Mk.II early, the Mk.II late/Mk.III and No.5 body that show the differences between the type quite well with overall views of the vehicles.

The remaining close-ups shots are a mixture of the Mk.I/II and III with the captions indicating the type show and includes detailed shots of the lower chassis and suspension showing the springs, axles, differentials, lower winch drum and steering arms to good effect. Most of the close-up photos are complimented with line drawings from the service manual for added clarity.

Next comes 3 pages on the engine with shots from various angles looking into the engine bay, you don't see a lot of the actual engine as it sits well back partially under the firewall due the short nose design of the Quad.

There are 2 pages with interior details showing the instrument panels and driver's controls as well as the rear crew seats as well as the inside roof details and shows a fairly sparten interior compared to some contemporary vehicles followed by exterior shots showing the headlights supplemented with service manual shots and the various storage compartments around the body.

2 pages follow with three view colour profile drawings showing six different camouflage schemes that serve as examples of the many different schemes painted on the Quads 5 view 1:35 plans of the Mk.I/II/III and No.5 body that should prove useful if you wanted to try your hand at scratch building one of the vehicle types.

While the book is not big at 44 pages it has a good overview of the various Mks and body types as well as some excellent walk-around shots and line illustrations that cover most areas of the C8 Quads with the B&W wartime shots added for interest.

With mainstream reference on the Morris Quads very thin on the ground this book should prove most valuable for Allied modellers and those interested in the logistical side of things.

Highly recommended

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Thanks to Capricorn Publications for the review book.

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