bookThe Sherman at War (2)
The US Army in the European Theater 1943-45

by Steven J. Zaloga
Concord Publications Co.
'Armour at War Series' No 7036
ISBN 962-361-669-4
72 pages, 197 b/w photos, 8 color plates

This book consists of a new series of photos of the M4 Sherman in combat with the US Army in the European Theater during World War II. The M4 Sherman was the most widely used US tank of the war, with more Shermans manufactured than all German tanks combined. This book provides more detailed coverage of some of the campaigns than the previous volume, especially new coverage of the tank fighting in Italy in 1944-45, and more in-depth coverage of the fighting along the German Siegfried line in the autumn and winter of 1944-45. The author has discovered a large number (over 95%) of new, previously unpublished photos of the M4 in combat. These photos include those buried in the archives and from private collections. The book started with the North African debut, followed by the Italian Campaign, Normandy, Alsace, Low Countries, Siegfried Line, Battle of the Bulge, and finished with the Final Offensive of 1945.

Text and image courtesy of Concord Web Site

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