Easy 1

WWII US War Department
Technical Manual CD-ROMs

Easy 1 Productions are releasing a series of CD version reproductions of WWII US War Department Technical Manuals for the modeller.

Each CD contains scanned .jpg images of the manual pages plus some extra reference images of preserved museum vehicles or equipment as well as some wartime action photos.

The images are large enough to read the text easily plus providing good details in the photos of the components and have a wealth of superb reference images that will be invaluable to the modeller.

As there are only the .jpg images on the CDs you will need some sort of software to view these, if you are running the latest operating systems, Windows XP or MAC OS X you can use the built-in thumbnail viewers or any of the numerous small thumbnail software applications available separately.

These CDs are considerably cheaper than paper reprints or the original manuals if still available so represent good value especially with the additional reference images included.

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