book Ground Power Magazine #71 4/2000
Published by Delta Publishing Co.Ltd. Japan

Another superb edition of this excellent magazine. This issue has two large sections.

The first is a 99 page photo essay on the PzKpfw I
There is 1/35th plans, numerous drawn diagrams of internal fittings and hull layout.
The photos are brilliant. Excellent close ups from a museum Panzer 1 includes some interior shots. Every version of the gun tank is shown plus the command version and a couple of special vehicles, mainly the personal carrier minus the turret. Plans of each vehicle is included as well as internal and external line drawings.
A large section of in-action photos from every theatre the Panzer 1 saw service in is included. In short, if you wanted any detail of the Panzer 1 you'll find it here.

The second section is the first part covering vehicles of the Italian Army of WWII. This section covers Tankettes, Light Tanks, Medium Tanks (M11/39, M13/40, M14/41, P40) and Armoured Cars (AB41, SPA43) and softskin vehicles.
Many wartime photos show these vehicles in various stages from in-service shots to the many hulks that littered the African deserts.

While these magazines may be a bit on the expensive side, for mine they are worth every cent.

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