book Ground Power Magazine #83 - 4/2001
Published by Delta Publishing Co.Ltd. Japan

This issues comprises the usual three sections.

The first is only four pages but has 9 genuine colour WWII photos of the LVT(4). Actually there are four of the LVT(A)(1) with the M3 turret, two of the LVT(A)(4) with the M8 turret and three of the LVT(4). These are obviously exercise or training photos but do some indication of the weathering these vehicles had. One shot in particular shows a Jeep driving on board an LVT(4), if this isn't diorama potential - nothing is.

The second part of 132 pages is part 3 of the coverage of Japanese Armoured Units WWII. The entire coverage is of gun tanks, most of the photos are wartime in action shots.
The light tanks are covered with a large part devoted to the type 97 Chi-ha. In line with historical events there are a lot of damaged and destroyed tanks among the photos.
1/35th plans are included for the Type III Gun Tank (Uo-Ni III) and Type 97 Medium Tank-Improved (Chi-Ha).

The last section of 11 pages is part 5 of the History of Stug Units with many wartime photos of Stug III's.

Again another nice issue with heaps of photos not generally seen.

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