book Ground Power Magazine #93 - 2/2002
Published by Delta Publishing Co.Ltd. Japan

This issues comprises four main sections.

The first features the M4A3 Sherman. Many wartime photos are included for each variant featured. I have seen quite a few of these in other publications such as Hunnicuts Sherman and Concords Sherman books.
These include the M4A3 early small hatch with internal turret drawings and engine details, M4A3 75 47° Glacis, M4A3(75)W, M4A3(76) with turret interior layout drawings and photos plus the M4A3(76)W with both VVSS and HVSS suspension. This includes photos of the M4A3(76)W HVSS in Korea.

The second section of 10 pages is part two on the Sd.Kfz.11 3t half-track. It has mostly wartime photos of the different versions. Although there are no real close up shots it is a good general reference of the sub variants.

The third section continues coverage of Russian SP guns. This time the ZIS-30, ASU-57, SU-76, SU-76M and ZSU-37 are covered. All have wartime photos showing their use with only general detail shots except for the SU-76 which has many detailed photos of a preserved vehicle. There is also a small section with detailed photos of the 76mm gun on ground mount.

Finally there is 15 pages of detailed closeup photos of a Museum preserved Panzer IV J.

Another superb issue in the Ground Power series.

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