book Ground Power Magazine #107 - 4/2003
Published by GALILEO Publishing Co.,Ltd.
2-2-13 Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

This issue is again broken into just two large sections.

Soviet T-54/55 Tank (Part 2) (pages 1-75)
Pages 5-33 continue the coverage of the T-54 with many in-action exercise photos of the T-54A and T-54B and Type 59 plus some close-up shots of a T-54B turret. Most of the "in-action" shots are of Soviet T-54A/Bs and Chinese Type 59s on exercise plus a couple of shots of ex Iraqi Type 59s.

This is followed by 42 pages of on the T-55 with again many field exercise photos of Soviet T-55 and T-55As with only a few photos offering close up details. There are also some additional shots of T-55s during the Czech uprisings of 1968.

PzKpfw.IV Ausf G (Part 2) (pages 76-145)
Continures the coverage of the Ausf G with more wartime in-action photos mostly of later Gs used during the Russian campaign where the G was fitted with schurtzen panels around the hull and turret. Again some of the photos are taken at fairly close quaters so show some good details as well as the markings, weathering and storage of the vehilces plus some nice diorama ideas with a few shots of destroyed vehicles. There are also 8 sets of 1/35th 4 view plans of the Ausf.G from early production though to late Gs and show some of the changes during the production run. This will come in handy if you plan to use the Tiger Models Designs Panzer V Ausf.G backdate set.

Available via mail order from Rainbow Ten in Japan.

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