bookGround Power Magazine #114 - 11/2003
Published by GALILEO Publishing Co.,Ltd.
2-2-13 Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

This issue is broken into four sections and is one of those bumper issues that come along every now and then.

T-55M(5)&M(6) (pages 1-31)
The M(5)&M(6) versions of the T-55 are basically up-armoured and up-gunned T-55s which on first look are hard to tell apart from a T-72.
There are 16 pages of b/w and 15 pages of colour photos with semi-close-up and close-up images of the two vehicles with nice details of the added armour and fittings of the vehicles.

PzKpfwII Ausf.L "LUCHS" (pages 32-89)
This section covers in great detail the "Luchs" with some wartime in-action photos but mostly detailed close-up photos complimented with detailed drawings of various vehicle components and fittings. The photos include interior as well as exterior details and a set of 1/35th plans of the Ausf.L.
The "Luchs" Ausf. C is also covered with wartime photos as well as detailed photos from a museum vehicle and drawings of the suspension layout.
The final pages look at other armoured reconnaissance vehicles such as the 38(t)nA, 2cm 38(t) with a few nice detail photos of each vehicle.

LVT Series (1) (pages 90-128)
This first part on the LVT series features mostly wartime in-action photos LVT-1, LVT-2 and LVT(A)-2s.
The photos included provide an overview of the LVTs in action with some general detail views but no close-up details for general reference.

M1037 HMMWV Shelter and Avenger ADS (pages 129-141)
The final section covers the Shelter carrier and Avenger versions of the HMMWV. The Shelter has a set of 1/35 plans and general overall photos while the Avenger has some excellent close-up photos of the launcher platform that will be invaluable to anyone building a model of the vehicle.

Another excellent issue.

Available via mail order from Rainbow Ten in Japan.

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