bookGround Power Magazine #115 - 12/2003
Published by GALILEO Publishing Co.,Ltd.
2-2-13 Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

This issue is broken into five sections as follows.

T-90S (pages 1-15)
This section is made up entirely of semi-close up shots of the T-90S on exercise, the photos show some good detail as well as of the cam and markings.

Type 95 Light Tank (pages 16-81)
This section is again made up of all wartime action photos of the Type 95 although many are not so much 'in-action' but the aftermath as most are of knocked out vehicles that still show some nice details.

LVT Series (2) (pages 82-112)
Part 2 of the LVT series covers the LVT-4 with all wartime action pics of the -4 in the Pacific and in British use in NWE.

T-55AM2B (pages 113-124)
An excellent series of close-up detail shots including four pages in colour. The photos are all external of the hull and turret except for one interior shot of the gunners station.

M998 Troop Carrier (pages 125-141)
Good general photos of the M998 and M1038 in several configurations with the photos split 50/50 colour/black and white. Included are a set of 1/35 plans of the M1038 plus some drawings of interior and exterior fittings.

Another excellent issue.

Available via mail order from Rainbow Ten in Japan.

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