bookGround Power Magazine #117 - 2/2004
Published by GALILEO Publishing Co.,Ltd.
2-2-13 Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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This issue is broken into six sections as follows.

Russian BTR-T APC (pages 1-11)
An excellent photo coverage of the new APC based on the T-55, there are 8 pages in colour and 3 in B&W with semi-close up and close up shots of the hull including some overhead shots and of the weapons station that show the details to good advantage.

Sherman Firefly (pages 12-73)
This is an extensive coverage of the Firefly with many wartime action photos of Firefly's as well as a brief section on the 17Pdr A/T gun. Some of the photos have been seen in other publications but still provide good overall coverage of the details and vehicle storage with many excellent diorama possibilities.

Intermixed with the action photos are internal layout diagrams of the driver's stations and the ammo storage to his right as well as the turret interior. There are also many detailed drawings of various sections of the vehicle such as the three styles of rear turret bustle box, loaders hatch, top right corner of the turret showing the periscope and sighting vanes, the two different style of muzzle break and the rear hull smoke generators all of which show excellent details.

Finally there are four sets of 4 view (top, left, front and rear) 1/35th plans of the VC with “houseboat” fittings, the VC with appliqué armour, the IC also with appliqué armour and the IC composite hull.

LVT Series (3) (pages74-104)
The third installment in the LVT series begins with coverage of the LVT-3 and 3-C with some good action photos. Following this is a brief section on the experimental LVTs leading up to the LVTP-5 which is covered in some detail with interior engine bay drawings, plus drawings of the driver's stations and top turret and exteriors photos. There are some nice photos of the various versions such as the 105mm turreted LVTH-6, the LVTP-5A1 with mine plow and LVTR-1 with shots showing the crane jib, a view through the lowered front ramp and one of the LVTAAX! fitted with the twin 40mm turret from the M42.

YPR765 (pages 105-109)
This brief section has coloured photos of the YPR765 on excercise showing some nice details as well as the markings and cam net fitted to most vehciles.

M996/M997 Ambulance (pages 110-117)
Three pages in colour have general views of the Ambulance plus drawings of the rear interior layout and a set of 1/35 plans for a good bacis coverage of the vehicle.

Anti-Tank ammo (pages 118-142)
This final section covers the development of anti-tank ammunition from WWII to the conflict in Iraq 2003 with a few interesting shots of M1s penetrated with RPG's and some "friendly" fire from 25mm APFSDS(AU) rounds. The section is mostly in Japanese text with some photos included so unless you read Japanese the pictures are nice.

Another excellent issue.

Available via mail order from Rainbow Ten in Japan.

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