bookGround Power Magazine #120 - 5/2004
Published by GALILEO Publishing Co.,Ltd.
2-2-13 Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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This issue is broken into five sections as follows.

Iraqi Report (pages 1-12)
This section is a colour photo report from Iraq 2003 and features some excellent semi-closeup photos of the M1117 "Guardian" and M1114 Armoured HMMWV. There are additonal shots of Bradleys and of a disembowled T-72.

Japanese Medium Tanks (2) (pages 13-73)
This large section continues the coverage of Japanese Medium Tanks of WWII mainly concentrating on the Type 97 "Chi Ha" Medium tank late type with the 47mm gun. There are many wartime photos as well as some detailed semi-close-up shots with many showing destroyed vehicles, added to this are line drawings of different components such as the larger turret and hull layout.
There are 1/35th plans of the Type 97 late production and Type 1 Medium tank, these plans are supplemented with three pages of colour profile drawings showing different cam schemes carried on the Type 97 for an overall good coverage of the Type 97.

Kettenkrad (pages 74-112)
The Kettenkrad is covered with many wartime photos of the vehicle with some excellent semi-close up shots showing many details. There are also some detailed close-ups of a museum Kettenkrad supplemented with detailed line drawings of the driver's position and engine compartment.
The details continue with some photos from the field manual showing suspension and engine details for an overall excellent coverage of the Kettenkrad.

T-80U-M1 "Bars" (pages 113-121)
This short section is entirely close-up detail shots of a T-80U-M1 on display at a Military exhibition and provides some superb details of the exterior with emphasis on the turret and associated fittings.

Tank ammunition development (4) (pages 122-145)
This final section with extensive text in Japanese covers the development of modern tank ammunition.

Another excellent issue.

Available via mail order from Rainbow Ten in Japan.

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