book Walker Bulldog
M41 Light Tank Series

Military Tech: Armor No.2
by David Doyle Published by Crooked Creek Publishing
exclusively for Stevens International

ISBN 0-9786084-1-0
40 pages soft cover

Review by Terry Ashley

This second book in the “Military Tech Armor” series is the same format as the first being similar to the Squadron Signalin action’ series and covers the M41 Walker Bulldog in US Service.

The book has forty pages with 20 pages black and white wartime photos and 16 pages of colour close-up detail shots of preserved M41s with the text kept to a brief introduction with production history and technical description as well as the photo captions leaving the rest to the photos and a plan view drawings.

The first 12 pages deals with the development and technical descriptions intermixed with various photos of early prototype and series vehicles including a few production line and training shots for a good selection of photos.

The next five pages have colour shots of US M41s in Germany and also a few shots of Royal Thai Army and Republic of Vietnam Army vehicles followed by 13 pages in colour and black and white with extreme close up walk around photos covering the hull and turret exterior as well as the interior shots for an excellent detail coverage of the M41.

In the centre 16 pages are extreme close-up all colour shots of a preserved M5A1 with 5 pages on the exterior with hull, turret and suspension details with the remaining 11 pages having interior shots of the hull, turret and engine.

This is followed by 6 pages with B&W shots of action shots of ARVN M41s in Vietnam with quite a few of the shots seen before but still offer good diorama potential and the last 5 pages have large not to scale plans of the M41 showing the general arrangement that should prove useful.

This is another good edition in this series and has a good coverage of both all around in service shots and close-up detail shots that should be useful for anyone interested in the Walker Bulldog.

Highly recommended 8/10.

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