book FAMO 18t
The Military Machine
By Stefan König
ISBN 3-9805216-4-8

This book is simply brilliant. It covers in great detail the Sd.Kfz.9 FAMO, the Sd.Kfz.9/1 6t Crane and Sd.Anh.116 Trailer.
Text is in German and English evenly with each picture have a caption in each language.

Split into 4 main sections, the first has many wartime photos which give a very good insight into the FAMO as it was really used.

It features a section on each of the main ordnance towed by the FAMO with pictures of each gun type being towed including the 60cm Gerat 040 Morser "Karl", the 21cm s.Morser 18, the 30.5cm Morser M16(t), the 21cm Kanone K39(t), 24cm Kanone K3 and 24cm Kanone (t).

Diagrams are included to detail the 3 different types running gear used during the FAMOs life.

The second part of 13 pages is on the Sd.Kfz.9/1 6t Crane. It too has many wartime photos of the vehicle in use as well as diagrams of the crane layout and a few illustrations form the field manual.

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Following this is 24 pages on the 22t Sd.Anh.116 Trailer again with many wartime photos with many detailed diagrams of the trailer layout.

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Finally there is a section of 22 pages with superb close up photos of virtually every part of the FAMO.

In short this is a sensational publication and a must have for any German armour fan. This together with the recent Nuts & Bolts FAMO book there isn't much else you'd want to know about the FAMO.

The book is available from Historex Agents in the UK.

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