bookIsraeli Military Vehicles
The First 50 Years 1948-1998

Mouse House Enterprises®
By John Myszka

ISBN 0-646-36002-7

Review by Terry Ashley

This book could be summed up in just a few words. Simple the best reference for Israeli Military Vehicles in one volume you will find anywhere.

As the name suggests it covers the IDF from the birth of Israel in 1948 through to 1998. There is at least one photo of every vehicle ever used by the IDF. A brief description of each vehicle and its use within the IDF is given (in some cases, not so brief). Many of these descriptions are supplemented with 1/76 scale plans.

Of particular interest are the many softskin and support vehicles of the IDF. These vehicles have received very little coverage over the years and this book fills in many gaps and questions often asked. The section covering the Engineer and Engineer Assault Vehicles is of special interest. The monster APC's built on old T54/55 and Centurion chassis are real impressive.

The many captured Soviet vehicles modified and put into IDF service are also covered.

A section with detailed coverage of the markings and paint schemes carried by IDF vehicles is also included with many large size drawings. This includes the best possible matches in available model paints for the mysterious Sand Grey. This is a real bonus for modellers.

This book is a must for any IDF armour fan. As I mentioned, you simple will not find a better reference in one book on the IDF than this volume. Do yourself a favour and get one. Highly recommended.

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