bookMilitary Briefs 1
Australian Fire Support Vehicles

Mouse House Enterprises®
By John Myszka

ISBN 0-9577586-0-X

Review by Terry Ashley

Military Briefs 1 "Australian Fire Support Vehicles" by John Myszka is the first book from Mouse House Enterprises®. A timely release, hot on the heals of the recent AFV Club M113A1 FSV (MRV) kit.

The book in A4 soft cover has 76 pages with 110 large clear black and white photographs and cutaway technical drawings.

The first two thirds of the book deals with the FSV fitted with the Saladin Turret. A good history of the development as well as the deployment in Vietnam and beyond is included, along with a detailed description of the vehicle and the alterations to the standard M113 needed to arrive at the FSV.
There are many excellent close-up detail shots of the vehicle exterior as well as some wonderful interior pictures. The section on the Vietnam deployment has good in-action photos of the FSVs 'in country'. As well as the many photographs there are line drawings of various vehicle components and vehicle layouts.

The final third of the book gives the same detailed history and description of the MRV (Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle) fitted with the Scorpion turret.
Again there are good line drawings of the vehicle layout and various components. The excellent exterior close-ups are complimented with equally good interior shots.

Every part of both vehicles is covered in great detail, especially the turrets. The only part not included is the engine compartment, but as this is standard M113 stuff it has been dealt with in other books. (The Verlinden "War Machines" books spring to mind)

There is also a section that deals with unit markings and paint schemes used on the various FSV, MRV vehicles which should be a great help when building the kit. Finally there is a table with diagrams of the different 76mm rounds used on the MRV.

An excellent reference for builders of the AFV Club FSV (MRV) or the older Tamiya FSV kit. If you want to really detail your model then this is a great place to start.

Highly recommended, not only for modellers but also any student of Australian Army Vehicles.

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