book M998 HMMWV Family
Part 1: General Data and Descriptions

Military Vehicle Workshop Series MV-11
Allied Command Productions
41 pages in black and white

This is a A4 size loose leaf plastic clip binder volume with the pages entirely in black and white with only line drawings and text.

The line drawings cover every area of the HMMWV except the engine/suspension and are extremely detailed. In some ways from a modelling viewpoint these are better than just photographs due to the clarity of the drawings and each part called out by number with a text description included.

The internal drawings showing the rear area layout for the various Armament Carriers and TOW vehicles are more than useful as are the drawings of the top weapons ring showing the inside and outside details.

There is also detailed drawings of the Weapons Carrier rear hatch including the attachment points, latches etc, as well as the tie down attachments for the soft top versions and the driver's station again with each component identified by number with a text description.

The M977 Maxi-Ambulance also has the full external and internal details shown including the rear equipment layout again with text descriptions.

While the book only covers the initial M998 HMMWV series it is extremely useful and viewed in conjunction with photo books such as the Wings and Wheels and Warmachines volumes you will have more details than you would ever want.


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