book the Nordic Edge Model Gallery

144 pages, 300 photos full colour,soft cover
ISBN 0-9542812-0-9
Published by Canfora Grafisk&Forlag
Byggmastarvagen 7
168 32 Bromma

Review by Jon Bailey

I’m into disclosure (hey girls look at this!). I know some of the guys featured in this book. I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few Euro Militaire shows and seen some of the models featured in person.

Following a brief forward by Tony Greenland the book is broken up into four mains sections as follows; Articles, Figures Gallery, Armour Gallery and Diorama Gallery. Each section contains between six to eight articles. It’s a massive highly professional effort which represents roughly 4-6 monthly magazines worth so it is real value for money.

The central theme is on the photography and the finished model or diorama and not on construction or finishing techniques (other than what you see in the shots). Each article is on average seven to eight photographs with a small information section containing some basic kit information and materials used with a few words on either the historical motivation or thought that when into the construction.

As mentioned I have been very lucking in seeing some of these models at various Euro Militaire shows and talked to the constructors, particularly Mirko and Gunnar, who are very passionate about their models authenticity and the pre-build research and this is definitely present in the book.
No mater how long you stand in front of a model at a show and how many shots you take with your own camera the quality of these photographs surpasses all. There are some 300 photographs in the 148 page book.

Looking at one example from each section, starting in Articles with Mirko Bayerl’s appropriately titled ‘Mirko’s Triangular Drama’ the reader is shown some of his older models and the thought and research that went into the model in question. In Mirko’s case he can draw upon many veterans’ accounts and get a real understanding of their experiences. Centre piece of this article is an excellent mSPW 251/22 which will be new to many readers.

Taking nothing away from Gunnar Jansson’s superb 1/16th scratch built figures in the Figures Gallery, the section on modelling the Pacific Theatre by Andreas Herbst really caught my attention. Three 1/35th vignettes are presented of American Marines in action in the Pacific. One titled ‘Appetite for Destruction’ showing a sheltering flame-thrower operator and two grenade tossers is just wonderful. The posses are captured with much realism and drama.

The Armour Gallery is gold from start to finish
My only criticism here is virtually all the models display aftermarket tracks which can so realistically be ‘sagged’ to show wear and tear however it was not the standard or even desirable for a tanker to have tracks in this condition. I would be relived to see a properly tensioned track just once.
Hard to single out one but the rearmed StuG ausf C by Rickard Pamenius is nicely done.

I could study Johan Fohlin’s Jagdpanzer IV L/70 for hours in the Diorama Gallery. A really good mix of figures in conversation and contemplation, however, for foliage treatment the branches on the Sd.Kfz. 250/1 by Lars Brändstörm is tremendous.
Ulf Anderson’s Finish Army T-34 is very inspiring and the scene portrayed of the tired crew ‘racked out’ in front of the vehicle captures armoured operations to a tee. Here is also one of the few actual tip sections as Mirko shows a ‘hard edged’ camouflage technique.

I don’t pretend to know how the ‘Scandinavian school’ has attained such a high standard (although I suspect the long cold winter night’s help) I’m just glad they have and I hope we see more of these.

The Nordic Edge is not a how to book. It is hard core modelling inspiration and you will return to it time and again when you feel your own model enthusiasm declining.

Highly recommended

See the nordic edge website for full details
Thanks to Toni Canfora for the review book.

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