bookModelling the
Jagdpanzer 38(t) 'Hetzer'

Osprey Modelling 10
By Gary Edmundson
Published by Osprey Publishing.

Soft cover, 80 pages
ISBN 1-84176-705-0

Review by Terry Ashley

Number 10 in the Modelling series is devoted to the Jagdpanzer 38(t) ‘Hetzer’ and as well as featuring the building of four different models there are sections on the materials used, available kits and accessories for the ‘Hetzer’ plus available references that will be useful for modellers.

After a brief introduction there is a few pages detailing the different materials used in the building of the models such as styrene sheet, paints, glues and putty to tools like the punch and die, etched metal bender, soldering equipment and the airbrush.

The four models in the book are all based on two Dragon kits, #6030 ‘Hetzer’ early version and #6037 Jagdpanzer/Flammpanzer mid production and also include various resin updates sets, etched detail sets with track sets, metal barrels plus numerous scratch built items.

Each article has many colour photos of the models during construction showing clearly the inclusion of the aftermarket detail sets as well as any scratch built items in what is basically a step by step visual guide to the building process.
Each photo has a caption explaining what is happening in the photos as well as detailed text describing the complete building and painting process.

The painting of the finished models follows the same formula with progress pics showing the basic painting of the camouflage schemes with the use of masks where applicable to the weathering process as well as the creation of the scenic base work and painting of the figures that go with the final model.

The models are divided into three ‘classes’ or skill levels of ‘Intermediate’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Master’ that will offer something for all modellers with the work on each ranging from the exterior detailing for the ‘Intermediate’ to the inclusion of interior details in the ‘Advanced’ and full conversions and scratch building in the ‘Master’ class that will not only provide a guide to building the models but give you something to tackle to improve your skills.

The four models are:

Following the chapters on the model building are lists of available printed references and websites that will provide valuable information on the Hetzer as well as listings of Museums with preserved Hetzers if you able to get to any of these?

Finally there is listed all available kits of the Hetzer with a brief description of each plus a list of available detail sets and accessories and a colour chart with colour chips of the four later war German colours of Dunkelgelb (Dark Yellow), Olivgrün (Olive green), Red primer and Red brown as well as examples of four camouflage schemes seen of later war Hetzers.

This book continues the trend of previous Modelling Manuals with a wealth of information and clear photos to illustrate the text and will provide many useful tips and modelling ideas that can easily be used on other models as well as the Hetzer models featured.

Highly recommended.

Page created 27 June 2004

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