book Panzer Tracts No.5-1
Panzerkampfwagen "Panther"
Ausfuehrung D

by Thomas L Jentz and Hilary Louis Doyle
ISBN 0-9708407-8-0

Published by Panzer Tracts,
PO Box 334, Boyds, MD 20841, USA

Soft cover, 72 pages.

Review by Terry Ashley

This 72 page volume from Panzer Tracts is devoted entirely to the Panther Ausf D with future volumes on the Panther Ausf A and Ausf G and F to follow.

The book reflects the latest research into the Panther by the authors with the use of original documentation and drawings to give us the most up to date account of the Ausf D yet published.

There is the usual informative text plus good sized photos of the vehicle with internal shots, production line shots and Panthers on test.

There is no less than four sets of five view 1/35th plans of the initial trail series vehicles and three sets of Panthers completed in January, June and September 1943 showing the modifications introduced during production, these plans are complimented with a complete list and description of the different modifications.
These show the subtle changes in the turret layout, engine deck, crew hatches and other details and makes for interesting reading.

As well as the plans there are many 1/10th scale as-built drawings of just about every individual component from head lights, tool racks, crew hatches, engine deck air intakes, exhaust grills and the many small fittings attached, these drawings show an incredible amount of detail.

In all this is an invaluable reference if you are building the excellent Dragon Panther Ausf D kit and also shows how well Dragon has done in capturing the D. The kit does have a few details which are from different production periods but these are only minor.

Highly recommended.

Page created May 2, 2003