bookTank Museum Calendar 2006
Review by Peter Brown

This is a new venture the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset, England. In typical calendar spiral-bound format, each month has an A4-sized colour photo showing one of the Museum's extensive range of armoured vehicles above the calendar section itself which has a smaller original photo of the a similar or the same vehicle with basic background details. The date section includes UK public holidays and those for Tank Museum special events. There is room on each day to write in your own special details like birthdays, anniversaries and shows plus extra space for more extensive notes. I hope the image of a typical month makes this clearer than my description!

Subjects are wide-ranging choice covering different periods and countries. The front "cover" has the Museum's late-production M4A2 Sherman in action in their arena, then we have in order the Crusader III, Rolls-Royce Armoured Car, Swedish Centurion Strv104C, Sherman Crab, T-34/85, Challenger 1, Vickers Medium, Ferret scout car, Panzer III, WWI Mk V, M60A1 and Tiger I.

There should be one or more among these to interest most AFV modellers and enthusiasts. This will grace any home, office or modelling room wall for the forthcoming year. The photos are well printed and will be worth having for future reference, vehicles are posed outside so are shown to their best advantage.


Copies are available direct from the Tank Museum Shop, or email

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