bookPanzer IV Survivors:

By Will Phelps, Rudi Schoeters

Review by Terry Ashley

This new reference is quite timely with the resurgence in interest for the Panzer IV with recent new kits from Dragon and Tristar in 1:35 and Tamiya in 1:48.

The soft cover 8 ½” x 11” format book has 60 pages with over 200 black and white photos of more than 40 known surviving Panzer IVs with just the front and back covers in colour. 

Starting with an introduction that gives a brief rundown on the compiling of the information in the book and conventions used is followed by a description and use of chassis, turret and hull stamped serial numbers on German armour as referenced in the book.

A general historical background follows which deals mostly with the supply and use of the Panzer IV other than with the German Army during and after WWII which includes Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, France, Finland, Romania, Spain, Syria and Turkey.

The major part of the book is devoted to chronicling the 40+ surviving Panzer IVs with a brief description of their history and how the particular vehicle arrived at its present location followed by photos of the vehicle. The photos vary between external shots of the vehicle as displayed in museums to detailed images showing various sections of the vehicle during and after restoration for some excellent internal and external details to keep modellers happy. The photo captions give an indication of any non-standard fittings and where parts from different models have been used to make a “complete” exhibit and should be taken into account when using the images as reference for available kits.

The vehicles are listed by Ausf. and Chassis number as well as listing the current location of the vehicle with the following vehicles included;

Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. D,
Hull 80577
Chassis 80732
Hull 80681

Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. G.
Hull 83534
Chassis 83072
Chassis 83122,

Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H
Musee Aout 1944 Ausf. H
Belgrade Ausf. H
Chassis 85575
Chassis 84583
Chassis 84611
Chassis 84631
Chassis 84632
Ex-Saumur Inventory Number F27.
Bucharest Ausf. H
CaenAusf. H
Chassis 89457
Panzer Museum Thun Inventory Number 12.

Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. J
Chassis 86432
Chassis 89660
Chassis 90177
Chassis 90458
Tactical Number 513
Chassis 91572
Chassis 91712
Chassis 91792
Chassis 91810
Chassis 91819
Chassis 91830
Bucharest Ausf. J
Sofia Swivel Hatch
Tactical Number 114
Chassis 92833
Ruski Brod Wreck

A short section follows that deals with Rumors, Mysteries and Unconfirmed reports of other Panzer IVs that have supposedly been found and may be in private collections or locations not available to the public giving a brief report on those known. (or unknown as the case may be?)

A visitor’s guide in next listing Museums with Panzer IV exhibits as well as some websites with information of surviving Panzer IVs.

This book is a valuable resource for historians and modellers alike as well as anyone with an interest in surviving WWII vehicles that provides some interesting information as well as useful detail photos of various Panzer IV components.

Highly recommended.

See the Panzer IV Universe webpage for additional information on Panzer IVs as well as future updates of the information in the book as it becomes known plus previews of upcoming titles.

Sample pages from the book

Thanks to M.S Models Japan for the review copy.

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