bookCanadian LAV III in Afghanistan
Modeler Photo Assistant MPA 001
Anthony Sewards & Miloslav Hraban

Real Model, Prague, Czech Republic

40 pages soft cover, all colour

Review by Terry Ashley

Realmodel have recently released a major resin conversion set for the AFV Club M1126 Stryker ICV to produce the Canadian LAV III (Realmodel set #RM35125) and followed that with this reference book featuring the Canadian LAV III as deployed in Afghanistan.

The landscape soft cover book has 40 pages all in colour with English text provided for the photo captions with the photos taking up all available space with most being 4 to a page along with a few 3, 2 and some 1 large photo per page.

All the shots are action type shots of the LAV IIIs on patrol and at base with many fully laden with personal gear and equipment and while there are no real close-up walk-around type detail shots most are semi-close up and allow good coverage of the vehicle details as well as the stowage and crews.

The photos cover the vehicles and crews in various situations including some damaged from roadside IEDs with plenty of diorama possibilities included in the photos with the vehicles covered from all angles throughout the pages.

This is a very good general reference for the Canadian LAV III with the photos allowing the features of the LAV III to be seen as well as providing excellent shots of the fully stowed vehicles and crews for finishing the resin conversion or just if you are interested in alternate Stryker types.

Highly recommended.

Sample pages

Thanks to Miloslav from Real Model for the review copy.

Page created October 8. 2008