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T-55/T-55A vol.1
Model Detail Photo Monograph No.9
Published by ROSSAgraph
ISBN 83-919061-1-6
A5 48 pages soft cover
T-55/T-55A vol.2
Model Detail Photo Monograph No.12
Published by ROSSAgraph
ISBN 83-91717-30-1
A5 80 pages soft cover
Reviews by Terry Ashley

These two books in the excellent Model Detail Photo Monograph series covers in great detail the T-55/T55A.

While small in size, measuring 8 3/8” x 6” (213mm x 153mm) vol.1 has the usual 48 pages with vol.2 expanded to 80 pages and are packed with super close up photos of all those details modellers really love.

The first couple of pages have a short technical description of the vehicle with the remaining pages devoted to the photos with captions and text in Polish and English with the photos split evenly between colour and B&W.

Volume 1 is devoted entirely to the hull and running gear with virtually every part of the hull shown in great detail including overhead shots of the engine deck with open engine access doors and the complex plumbing on the fender fuel tanks and wiring for the lights also shown in detail as well as extreme details of the running gear and tracks.

Also included are many line drawings and illustrations from the technical manual to further add to the detail and answer any questions the photos didn't, if that's possible?

Sample images of vol.1

Volume 2 covers the turret in the same manner with superb detail shots including interior details and special attention to the complex 12.7mm DSzK MG mounting with no less than six pages of photos and tech manual drawings as well as evry other external feature of the turret. The turret interior is also covered in great details showing the gun breech, seats and wall fittings and are again supplimented with tech manual drawings.

The final section of vol.2 deals with the interior of the driver's compartment with excellent photos and tech manual drawings as well as similar treatment of the engine compartment.

Sample images of vol.2

A superb two volume photo reference on the T55/T-55A and if you only want a single modelling reference for the Tamiya T-55 kit then this would easily be the one as the photos are simply superb and will be most welcomed by modellers.

Model Detail Photo Monographs are distributed by AirConnection Canada.
Thanks to ROSSAgraph for the review book.

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