book s.F.H.18
Model Detail Photo Monograph No.19
Published by ROSSAgraph
ISBN 83-919061-6-7
A5 48 pages soft cover

Review by Terry Ashley

This book in the excellent Model Detail Photo Monograph series covers in great detail the s.F.H.18 German heavy artillery piece of WWII.

While small in size, measuring 8 3/8” x 6” (213mm x 153mm) and with just 48 pages, it is packed with super close up photos of all those details modellers really love.

The first seven pages have a short technical description of the gun and a few wartime photos with the remaining pages devoted to the photos with captions and text in Polish and English with the photos split evenly between colour and B&W.

The details shown are simple superb and cover ever part of the gun in great detail from the cradle, gun/breech/barrel, gun shield and the trails in superb close-up with these few lines not doing justice to the amount of detail shown.

The photo details are supplimented with illustrations from the tech manual further adding to the level of details in the book.

Below are a few sample pages that best illustrate the detailed images.

Sample images

A superb photo reference on the s.F.H.18 that will be invaluable for the new Dragon and Trumpeter kits.

Highly recommended.

Model Detail Photo Monographs are distributed by AirConnection Canada.
Thanks to ROSSAgraph for the review book.

Page created 11 June 2005

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