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Mr.Churchill's Tank
The British Infantry Tank Mark IV
By David Fletcher
ISBN 0-7643-0679-0
Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Review by Terry Ashley

This new hardback book on the Churchill Tank by David Fletcher has 210 pages with 184 B/W photos and 67 drawings. It will surely become to the Churchill what the Hunnicut book became to the Sherman, simply the best reference in one volume you could want for. Devoted exclusively to the Churchill gun tanks, the special vehicles on the Churchill chassis could fill a book of this size on their own.

Every variant from the Mk.I to the Mk.VII is covered in detail with text and extensive photos plus many drawings giving external and internal details.

It starts with a brief rundown of the circumstances leading up to birth of the Churchill. Starting with the A20 it moves through each mark in turn. Although not strictly a tank, the 3" Gun Carrier is also included. The coverage finishes with excellent internal drawings and detail photos of the 17pdr Black Prince.

Other sections of the book deal with the early trials of the Churchill and their first actions in North Africa. Another chapter covers the Churchill in Normandy with some superb in-action photos. The Italian campaign is the subject of another chapter while another is devoted to the Churchill in Canadian service. Yet another chapter covers the final battles of WWII though to their actions in Korea as well as later use, including a photo of a Mk.VII in Jordanian Service.

In all, this is a book any self-respecting British armour enthusiast simply must have. For that matter any armour devotee or historian will have to have this book. Without doubt it is one of the best researched and presented coverage of the Churchill ever published.

Highly recommended reference.

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