book Panzer IV
The Panzerkampfwagen IV
Medium Tank, 1939-1945

By Kevin Hjermstad
ISBN 0-89747-413-9
Squadron Signal Publications

Review by Terry Ashley

This special covers the Panzer IV which was numerically the most important Tank used by the German Army units in WWII.
Although overshadowed by the more technically advanced and higher profile Tiger and Panther Tanks, the Pz IV was in production for the entire war and served on every front, forming the mainstay of Armoured units from 1941 onwards.

The book covers only the main gun tank vehicles, none of the Stugs, Self propelled Artillery or Anti-Aircraft vehicles are mentioned. All gun tanks from the Ausf A to the Ausf J are covered mainly through the use of wartime photographs.

There are no real close-up details shown apart from a few drawings showing minor variations between the variants.

A number of the photographs have been seen in other publications, but the good thing here is that they are all now in one book and at a reasonable price. As mentioned most of the photos are wartime in-action type pictures and show the Pz IV in all situations, including a few in bits after internal explosions disemboweled the tank. These photos are an excellent reference source for diorama ideas.

8 pages of colour profiles show the many different camouflage schemes the Pz IV was seen in.

In all a nice collection of photographs of the Panzer IV and and should form a handy addition to the reference library for Panzer lovers.

Highly recommended.

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