book M998 HMMWV "HUMMER"
and derivatives

Warmachines No.7
Military Photo File
Verlinden Publications No.600
ISBN 90-70932-27-X
36 pages in colour

An excellent coverage of the initial M998 series of vehicles with many close-up detail pics both inside and out of the different versions.

The M1025/1026 is also covered in great detail with some nice internal shots of the roof hatch and rear cargo compartment showing the particular layout for the Weapons Carrier vehicles, the photos are complimented with good drawings.

There are also some excellent detail shots of the engine and engine bay for those wishing to get into this area as well as suspension details in close-up.

A couple of pages at the end show Hummers in Desert Storm.

As with the other books time has overtaken some of the details with the M998A1 and A2 series vehicles now in service which have a number of differences to the initial M998 series vehicles.

An excellent reference for the M998 series HMMWVs.

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