Project: LVT's Amtracs
LP008 Volume One: LVT(A)-1, LVT(A)-4, LVT(A)-5
LP009 Volume Two: LVT2, LVT(A)-2

By David E. Harper
Published by Letterman Publications
a division of VLS Corporation.

67 pages soft cover

Reviews by Terry Ashley

These two volumes are devoted entirely to the modelling of the main LVT variants as used in the Pacific theatre by both the USMC and US Army units.

All the models featured are as you would expect based on the recent LVT models by Italeri (and Revell reboxings of the Italeri kit) and detailed using the various Trakz LVT update sets, etched sets and scratchbuilding where required.

Each section has photos of the models during construction as well as text giving a brief history of the type and notes on the models construction.

There is also a series of excellent close-up colour photos of museum LVTs to provide immediate reference for the model being built and to finish off each section are numerous black and white in-action photos from the actions that particular LVT type was involved in.

The detailed close-ups and in-action shots provided are superb giving details of the exterior as well as interior of the various vehicles and plenty of diorama possibilities and examples of the heavy weathering usually seen on these vehicles.

Volume one features the LVT(A)1 with in-action shots from Peleliu and the LVT(A)-4 in action at Peleliu, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.
At the end of each book is a few pages with colour photos plus colour profile drawings showing the cam schemes of some of the LVTs seen in the action photos.
Colour paint chips are provided showing the different shades from the base colour, wet colour and two stages of faded paintwork which will be a great help in choosing the "right" colour.
Although the title of issue one includes the LVT(A)-5 there is only one page of action photos included and only the (A)-1 and (A)-4 are modelled.

Volume two has the LVT-2 and LVT(A)-2 with the same sequences of modelling photos, close-up detail photos and in-action shots which take up about half the book and give a good account of the many actions the LVTs were involved in.
There is also the final section with the colour profiles and paint guides for the two models as with volume one.

These are superb volumes for any modeller interested in the LVTs as well as those just wanting detailed information on the vehicles.

Highly recommended.

The Project LVT volumes are available in Australia from:

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