bookGPW Jeeps in detail
Special Museum Line #R 046
David Doyle, František Kořán, Jan Moštěk
Wings & Wheels Publications.
Published by RAK, Czech Republic.
ISBN 978-80-86416-70-0

60 pages all in colour.

Review by Terry Ashley

There have been many books published over the years on the ambiguous WWII Jeep, some purely technical in nature and others retelling many of the adventures this almost cartoon like vehicle got up too during the many years it was on active service with many still in working order in numerous private collections today.

This new book from Wings & Wheels covers the Ford produced Jeeps and is aimed squarely at modellers being packed full of close-up detailed shots of two restored privately owned Jeeps in Czech collections showing of just about every nut and bolt with just a minimum of text to get in the way.

The book has 60 pages entirely in colour with just a brief introduction and the remainder of the English text being the photo captions leaving the majority of the book to the excellent photographs. The two restored Jeeps featured are a “standard” Ford GPW Jeep and one restored to represent a Jeep of the SAS used by the British in North Africa during WWII.

One thing to note while looking through the book is that not all restored vehicles are as they would have been back in the day as the saying goes, some things to watch for regarding Ford produced Jeeps would be;

  • All GPW engines and gearboxes were "Fordson Tractor grey" not green or the blue as shown in the images.
  • The radiator would have been olive drab as fitted on a GPW, not black as with Willys or replacements.
  • All rubber radiator hoses correct for early jeeps, metal inserts were added later to save rubber.
  • Early Jeeps had rubber gaiters for transmission while the canvas is for later Jeeps.
  • Early Jeeps had keyed ignition.
  • Lunettes on towing hook where only fitted when the trailer socket is fitted above LH light.
  • The reflector lunettes for door straps should be horizontal, not vertical which is a Ford trait.

The first 9 pages have general all around views plus the text introduction giving a brief insight into the Ford involvement in the WWII Jeep production as well as some brief technical and production details.

This is followed by 13 pages of detailed close-up shots of the exterior showing details such as the hood T brackets, windscreen wipers, rear panel with the taillights and spare wheel as well as detailed shots of the front and back wheel hubs showing the differences.

The interior is next with more superb close-ups of the instrument panel, steering wheel and driver’s controls as well, as the seats front and back and the canvas roof with many of the details shown in multiple photos from different angles to give a very good overall perspective to the detail being shown.

Following this is seven pages showing the engine fitted to the vehicle with excellent shots of the engine, radiator, associated wiring and plumbing as well as the head light mountings and a couple of underside views to finish off.

Next are sixteen pages on photos taken during the vehicles reconstruction with excellent shots of the chassis, the engine and gearbox mounted on the chassis without any body work offering some superb details not usually seen with no less than 20 detailed close-up shots of the engine and gear box from every conceivable angle to give the best views of the details.  

This is followed by another 24 close-ups of the suspension and chassis details showing the axles/differentials/drive shafts, springs and wheels again without any body work to allow the best exposure of the details.

The next 7 pages detail the SAS Jeep showing the modifications such as the radiator grill, additional jerry cans carried and weapons mountings for the rear cal.50 M2 HB and cal.30 MG fitted to this vehicle. There are also additional shots of the exterior and interior to complement those shown earlier.

The final six pages are devoted to the cal.50 M2 HB and cal.30 MGs with superb details of the guns again with multiple shots of the details including the receivers and barrels that will be very useful for anyone wanting the ultimate details of these two weapons.

Another superb reference from WWP the extreme close-up detail shots showing every detail of the vehicle interior and exterior. As the Jeep is only a small vehicle there is not really any detail missed for a most comprehensive coverage of the Jeep in one book aimed directly at modellers but take note on the features for the Ford Jeeps as mentioned.

The final sections on the cal.50 M2 HB and cal.30 MGs add further value to the book and could be reason enough to buy the book even if you are not interested in the Jeep, if that is not sacrilege among Allied modellers?

Highly recommended


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Thanks to František of Wings & Wheels Publications for the review book..

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