book Ford Mutt M151A1/A2 in detail
Present Vehicle Line No2
ISBN 80-86416-05-4
Wings & Wheels Publications.
Published by RAK, Czech Republic.

52 pages all in colour. The book covers the M151A1, M151A2, M718, plus the harptop and trailers used with the M151.

The M151A1 features a general walkaround giving nice details of the whole vehicle.
This is followed by extreme close ups for the interior and exterior including the engine compartment and chassis.

Following this is two pages on the M718 ambulance version with some nice interior and exterior photos.

The M151A2 is next and again has a general walkaround followed by more sensational close up interior and exterior shots. The Mutt used for this photo session is a USMC vehicle and so includes the extended air intakes out of the engine compartment. It also has some non-standard fittings, thankfully these are noted in the photo captions, so read carefully before going ahead and adding detail to the Tamiya or Academy kit.

The M151A2 hardtop is shown next and also has some nice interior and exterior photos as per the others featured.

Lastly some nice detail photos of the 1/4 ton cargo trailer often towed by the Mutt and included in one of the Tamiya mutt kits and the Academy M151A2 Hard Top with Tralier kit.

In all, this is a superb book on the M151 and a must have if you want to add details the the Tamiya or Academy kits or convert the kit to any of other versions.

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