book US Army Trucks in detail
Present Vehicle Line No3
ISBN 80-86416-08-9
Wings & Wheels Publications.
Published by RAK, Czech Republic.

108 pages all in colour. The book covers in detail the M52A2, M818, M123, M984A1 and M1070 plus the trailers M127, M172A1 and M1000 used with the M52, M931 and M1070 respectively. Cameo appearances from the M931, M914,915,916, M920, M1075 and M35 with M105 cargo trailer make up this book which is about double the size of the usual WWP books.

The first five vehicles mentioned above get the bulk of the coverage with 34 pages on the M52A2 and M127 Trailer, 15 pages for the M1070 and M1000 Trailer, 12 for the M818 and 7 each for the M123 and M984A1 with the others getting 1 to 3 pages each with each page having between 3 and 6 photos.

No matter how many pages are devoted to a vehicle there is one thing in common, sensational close up photos of the subject vehicle. The M52A1 has everything from the chassis, engine, cab and exterior details as does the M1070 and M984A1.

I could go one forever describing the details shown in this book, suffice to say it just oozes detailed photos page after page.

If you are into big trucks of the military kind then this book is for you. Do yourself a big favour and get a copy while you can, I suspect it won't be around for very long when news gets around of it's contents.

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