book JEEP in detail Pt.1
Willys MA & MB

Special Museum Line No.5
ISBN 80-902677-0-X
Wings & Wheels Publications.
Published by RAK, Czech Republic.

Another stunning book from Wheels and Wings. The series of books is surely among the best available for modeller's wanting that extra bit of detail. The book has 84 pages and concentrates on the MA and MB Jeeps of WWII.

Much of the book is in colour with many shots of jeeps under restoration. As with other volumes in this series the quality of the photographs is sensational. Pages 1 to 36 are devoted to the MA Jeep and pages 37 to 78 for the MB. The last few pages have pics of the Ford produced Jeeps highlighting the main differences between Ford and Willys vehicles. The last couple of pages have pics of the Blitz Buggy version of the Jeep.

The amount of detail in this one book is amazing. Among the many detail pictures is many of Jeeps undergoing restoration showing the chassis and suspension unhindered by the body. The body is also shown in sections giving great appreciation of its structure. The engine is given the same treatment with many shots in-situ as well as in bits with the block, and transfer case separate showing interior detail. There is even a shot of the diff with its cover off, now that's really getting into the nitty-gritty. One good thing is that any picture with non-original bits is highlighted in the text. The book also has about a dozen wartime pics of Jeeps.
Again highly recommended for Jeep lovers.

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