book Israeli Armour in detail Pt.1
Special Museum Line No.6
ISBN 80-902677-1-8
Wings & Wheels Publications.
Published by RAK, Czech Republic.

This book has 36 pages all in colour. The photos are taken at the Israeli Armoured Corps Museum at Latrun.
It has pictures of nearly every vehicle used by the IDF during its many conflicts since 1948. There are also a few of captured vehicles, some of which have been converted and used by the Israelis.

Due to the number of vehicles covered in such a small book, there is only one or two pictures of each vehicle. The Shermans being to most heavily covered with 8 pages devoted to the many types used. Strangely there is only one photo of a Merkava and this being of a prototype vehicle. This could be due to this being a museum and that every Merkava apart from the prototype is in active service.

This is a useful book if only to show what vehicles have been used by the IDF. As you would expect all vehicles are devoid of all external equipment not firmly attached, but this does give the opportunity to see many of the attachment points.

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