Wooden Fence
1:35 Kit #35007
Review by Terry Ashley

This diorama accessory set from Calibre35 provides two short lengths of wooden fencing that can be used individually or join for a longer length of fence.

The set is cast in light cream resin without any blemishes such as air holes and are also cast in a manner that allows the fence to be assembled with the pickets still attached to the casting block ensuring an even spacing.

To assembly simply clean up the two end post and dry fit into the indentions in the casting blocks and then glue with two lengthways joining slats to the pickets while still attached to the casting block with cyanoacrylate for a quick and easy build. Once the cyanoacrylate has cured you can then cut off the casting block from the pickets for a perfectly assembled fence, all very easy.

A simple and well cast fence section with an ingenious design to make for easy assembly and you can fit as many sections together as required for any length of fence.

Highly recommended for diorama builder

Individual resin parts
Assembled fence while still attached to casting block
Assembled fence after cutting off casting block

Thanks to Andrew of SouthEast Hobbies for the review sample.

Page Created January 22, 2006

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