Custom Dioramics
Custom Dioramics Set #CD 4048
Review by Terry Ashley

Another set aimed at diorama builders is this five part donkey cast in the usual light cream resin in a typical ‘donkey’ pose meandering along with head down.

The main body is cast in two halves with legs attached to each half and there are some casting seams to be removed from inside of each leg but these are easily removed and it doesn’t really matter if you remove too much resin as the typical nobly legs still look the part. The fit of the two body halves is very good and any minor join seam can be filled with thick cyanoacrylate but the join was near perfect on my donkey.

The head is in one piece and again there was a minor casting seam under the chin to remove and one air hole when removing the chin casting block but again easily dealt with.

The details on the body and head are well done with good muscle tones and body contours to portray the look of a typical donkey very well.

The fit of the head to the body is made easy by the neck rope placed right at the join so any minor gap can be filled with cyanoacrylate to form part of the rope, a well thought out solution as I well remember the fun eliminating the neck join on some of Verlinden’s Camels.

Added to the body is the tail and neck bell to finish off a very good looking domestic donkey, and no my use of “good looking” doesn’t indicate some hidden donkey fetish.

A very easy to assembly donkey with the box top providing a good painting guide and can be added to virtually any scene from any location to add some nice variety and animation to your diorama.


Resin parts
Custom Dioramics
Assembled Donkey
Custom Dioramics

Thanks to VLS/ModelMecca for the review samples.

Page created 9 April 2005

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