Custom Dioramics
Ornamental Domed Well
for Village centre

Custom Dioramics Set #CD 6089
Review by Terry Ashley

This set from Custom Dioramics is a nicely detailed Ornamental Domed Well of the sort often seen in the centre square of smaller European Towns/Villages.

The quality of the casting is excellent with crisp details and only the usual casting blocks to be removed before assembly, which is quite straightforward.
The well base and pavement section has nice stone work details with the wood framework having subtle but nice wood grain effect on the parts while the domed roof has nice details on the dome and wood grain panels on the underside ceiling and should look most impressive when assembled and painted.

Although no instructions are included the location of the support beams is fairly easy to work out with some quick trial and error.

Just a quite note on the construction, the wooden supports between the rock base and the domed roof has been installed upside down on the box art. The winding handle should be at the bottom where people can reach it, not up at the top under the domed roof eaves.

A very nicely detailed diorama accessory to add a bit of life and variety to your European WWII town/village dioramas or as the centre piece of a figure vignette.

Custom Dioramics Custom Dioramics
Custom Dioramics

Thanks to VLS/ModelMecca for the review samples.

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