Alpine Miniatures
Alpine Miniatures
Panzer Officer "Großdeutschland"
1:16th Figure Set No. 16001
Review by Terry Ashley

Alpine Miniatures
Figure scupltered by Mike Good
and painted by Calvin Tan

The Set:
Alpine Miniatures have released the first is a new series of 1:16 figures with this resin figure of a German Panzer Officer "Großdeutschland" and comes packaged in a stout cardboard box with a couple of pads of soft foam material to firmly hold the zip-locked bags in place reducing the chance of damage in transit.

The figure has been mastered by Mike Good; well know for previous excellent figures in this and other scales and has ten parts in light grey resin which are cleanly cast. The most noticeable thing is the almost total lack of casting seams with just one small one found above the left trouser pocket which is easily cleaned and then just the usual large casting blocks to be dealt with. Care is needed when removing these especially on the two torso halves to not the change the mating surface contours, this also applies to the right arm where the casting block is on the shoulder and this has to be carefully removed otherwise there may be small gaps to fill at the shoulder join.

The resin while having crisp details is soft enough to make trimming quite easy but you also need care to not trim off too much resin during the cleanup process.

The figure measures 114mm high (not counting the cap peak) which equates to just under 6 feet in real life and he wears a 1943 pattern “Feldmutze” double breasted jacket with leather belt, a woollen polo neck jumper and woollen gloves plus 1943 pattern reversible winter trousers with lace up ankle boots and is armed with a holstered Walther P38.  The two alternate heads wear a peaked Officers cap and the other a field cap with the figure in a casual pose with one hand in his right pocket and the other posed holding cigarette with a pair of binoculars hanging around his neck.

The details on the figure are excellent with crisp well defined details on the uniform lapels, pockets and fabric seams which are included on the tunic body and arms as well as the trousers with excellent fabric folds to compliment the details.

The rendition of the rank insignia and decorations is again very crisp and well defined with the designs clearly recognisable with the Großdeutschland on the cuff title actually being readable. With careful painting these will look superb and stand out on the finished figure.

The facial features on the two heads are also extremely well done with very lifelike features especially the ears with recess cleanly defined and the cap details are also well done, most notably the peaks which are of uniform thickness, or thinness more to the case and help with the overall appeal of the figure.

Assembly is very straightforward with locating tabs between the two torso halves making lining these up easy and the fit of the arms equally good provided you were careful with the right arm cleanup as above again with locating tabs to help line things up.

The necks have the upper folded neck section of the woollen jumper included and this fits neatly into the collar for a natural pose and finally the detailed binoculars have a couple of locating pins on the back that fit into indentations on the figure for precise location and the P38 holster also sits neatly into the indentation on the left hip.

The only alteration I made was to hollow out the binocular strap as it went over the tunic lapel for an better look which is easily done due to the softer resin but other than that there is just the painting to take care of.

Without doubt this is a superbly sculptured figure with the quality of the resin casting transferring the well defined and crisp details to the parts with virtually no cleanup required.

Highly recommended for any figure modeller in this larger scale who just wants to tackle a superb figure irrespective of the subject matter and we can only look forward to future releases in this series.

Resin parts
Alpine Miniatures
Views of the assembled figure
Alpine MiniaturesAlpine MiniaturesAlpine MiniaturesAlpine Miniatures
Details images
Note, hollowed out binocular strap, the only alteration done on the figure.

Alpine MiniaturesAlpine MiniaturesAlpine MiniaturesAlpine Miniatures
Views of rank insignia and decorations
Alpine MiniaturesAlpine Miniatures

See the Alpine Miniatures web site for ordering details and thanks to Taesung from Alpine Miniatures for the review sample.

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