Alpine Miniatures
WW2 German DAK Tank Commander
1/35th Figure Set No. 35006

The new figure from Alpine is of a DAK Tank Commander posed in the Commander's cupola of any Pz.III or IV in the African or Italian campaigns.

The body is cast in one piece with separate boots, arms and the usual alternate heads with one wearing a forage cap and the other a field cap with both having a set of headphones included. The details in the head sets is superb and includes the throat mikes as well as head brace, this is cast very thin and will be quite an exercise to remove the excess resin without damaging the part?

Uniform details are very well done with crisp well defined details with special attention given to the intricate tunic and boot details which includes the trouser and tunic seams. Assembly is very straight forward with good fit of the parts after cleanup without any filler needed on any of the joins.

There are no paining instructions included but the subject matter is well known and painting shouldn’t be a problem with the colour photos on the box providing a guide.

Another very well designed and detailed figure to add life to any DAK panzer.

Alpine Miniatures Alpine Miniatures
See the Alpine Miniatures web site for ordering details and thanks to Taesung from Alpine Miniatures for the review sample.

Page created 12 April 2004

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