Alpine Miniatures
WW2 US Tank Crew #1
1/35th Figure Set No. 35009
Alpine MiniaturesAlpine MiniaturesAlpine Miniatures
Images courtesy Alpine Miniature with figure painted by Joaquin Garcia Gázquez

This is the first US figure from Alpine and is sure to be welcomed by Allied modellers.

The figure has five parts cast in a light gray resin which are blemish free with just the usual casting blocks to be removed although there are also some mould seam lines to be removed as a consequence of the body and legs being cast in one piece. The resin used is of a "softish" type and is easy to work with when removing the blocks and seam lines but still hard enough to incorporate the excellent crisp details.

The figure has the full body, legs and boots in the single casting with separate arms and alternate heads and he wears the later style winter combat jacket over the HBT suit with a modified M1916 shoulder holster with just a retaining strap in place of the flap for his .45 pistol. The jacket has the divisional patch on the chest and not in the usual position on the shoulder and also includes the rank insignia on both arms.
Note: The 2nd Armored Division is the only U.S Army unit that wears the divisional patch on the chest. This was done after General Patton's death with his wife requesting the change as Patton had stated the 2nd AD was always closest to his heart. Therefore the figure is only applicable for after Patton's death, unless the patch is removed and added to the shoulder.

Details on the figure is again excellent with nice fabric folds and uniform details for a very natural sit while the pose would indicate he is a little "pissed" with clenched fist and drawn colt .45 and again there are the alternate heads with one wearing the M1 steel helmet while the other has an M1941 knit cap.

This figure should find many homes either to add life to a single vehicle or included in a diorama.

Highly recommended
The resin parts
Alpine Miniatures
Two views of the assembled figure showing the natural feel of the pose
Alpine Miniatures
See the Alpine Miniatures web site for ordering details and thanks to Taesung from Alpine Miniatures for the review sample.

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