Alpine Miniatures
WW2 German Tanker in Summer
1/35th Figure Set No. 35015
Alpine MiniaturesAlpine Miniatures
Images courtesy Alpine Miniature with figures scupltered by Taesung Harmms
and painted by Joaquin Garcia Gázquez

This is another of the simple figures from Alpine Miniatures that have plenty of character due to the nice casual pose and excellent animated uniform details.

The figure has the usual full body casting with just the separate arms and alternate heads, one wearing a forage cap and other bare headed while the tankers uniform has crisp well defined details that include a selection of service awards on the chest pocket.

The uniforms include the seams on the tunic and trousers while the fabric folds are again very well done and this all adds to the casual air as does the bare head while the fit of parts was good but there was some very minor trimming required on the arm body joins.

This figure could be mounted inside a tank turret hatch or posed outside the vehicle as desired but it would be a shame to hide half of the figure as the trouser details and fabric folds are that well done.

Highly recommended
The resin parts
Alpine Miniatures
Two views of the assembled figure showing the natural feel of the pose
Alpine MiniaturesAlpine Miniatures
See the Alpine Miniatures web site for ordering details and thanks to Taesung from Alpine Miniatures for the review sample.

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