Alpine Miniatures
Sd.Kfz.251 Driver
(AFV Club, Dragon, Tamiya)
1:35th Figure Set No. 35029

Alpine MiniaturesAlpine Miniatures
Images courtesy Alpine Miniature with figures scupltered by Taesung Harmms
and painted by Calvin Tan

A extra release is this seated Sd.Kfz.251 driver wearing a Wehrmacht camouflage smock, field gray trousers and the choice of head with cam covered steel helmet or a field cap worn backwards.

The figure is cast in the usual light gray resin with just the casting blocks to be removed before assembly and there is an cut-out under his bum to take the driver's seat from any of the available Sd.Kfz.251 kits.

The full body is in one piece with the arms and heads separate which results in the minor casting seams on the insides of the lower legs but makes assembly easier with the right arm posed to be resting on the steering wheel and the other hand resting on his knee.

Details on the uniform are excellent with well defined fabric folds and features such as fabric seams and front draw strings with the anatomical features also well done with excellent facial and hand features.

The fit of the arms to the body is interesting as the join is part way down the arm to correspond to a fabric seam on the smock and this mostly fits well but some minor trimming may be needed. To make fitting the heads easier I add a small wire pin to the neck and drill as corresponding hole in the body to make fitting easy. This is a personal thing with the fit of the head to the body being very good if you just glue this in place after choosing your preferred head.

The seat cut-out in the figure fits the Dragon seats perfectly but you will have to enlarge the cut-out or trim the AFV Club seat slightly for a better fit but take care to ensure the sides of the trousers are not compromised.

It would be easier to fit the figure to your kit during construction as it may be a little difficult to fit once fully assembled but I have to say I have not actually test fitted the figure to an assembled kit so don't quote me on this.

Another nicely detailed and animated figure from Alpine Miniatures that should prove useful with the many Sd.Kfz.251 kits now available.

Highly recommended

The resin parts
Alpine Miniatures
Views of the assembled figure
Alpine MiniaturesAlpine MiniaturesAlpine Miniatures
See the Alpine Miniatures web site for ordering details and thanks to Taesung from Alpine Miniatures for the review sample.

Page created November 7, 2005

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