Alpine Miniatures
Winter Panzer Crew
1:35th Figure Set No. 35037
Alpine Miniatures
Figures scupltered by Taesung Harmms
and painted by Calvin Tan

This figure is a single later war Tank Crewman in a relaxed standing pose wearing the reversible white/camouflaged parka and trousers and a Walther P-08 holster on his belt. The figure has the usual choice of two heads with excellent facial features and one wearing a field cap and the other a fogage cap.

The full body is cast as one piece with just the heads and arms as separate parts with excellent uniform details including all the pockets, zippers and fabric seams in the right places as well as a nice “bulky” look as the Winter Parka. He wears a pair of woolen gloves with nicely defined details and the details at the sleeve are excellent with the fur lining showing for good effect.

There was some cleanup needed on this figure with a bit of resin film and casting seams between the legs that will need a little care when removing and the usual small casting blocks and any scars to be cleaned. Assembly is very straightforward with the fit of the arms being spot on requiring no trimming or filler while the heads also fit neatly into the collar.

As with previous figures I added a small “wire” pin to the neck to go into a hole drilled into the body but again this is a personal thing to make fitting and swapping the heads easy and not a reflection of the fit which is perfect if you just want to glue the chosen head in place.

Another superb figure to compliment the Officer figure and the tear in the right trouser leg gives a nice feel he has seen some action and the belt riding up over the pocket contents also adds nice animation away for the static loom of some figures.

Highly recommended
The resin parts
Alpine Miniatures
Views of the assembled figure
Alpine MiniaturesAlpine Miniatures
Sleeve and glove detail
Alpine Miniatures
See the Alpine Miniatures web site for ordering details and thanks to Taesung from Alpine Miniatures for the review sample.

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