Alpine Miniatures
WW2 US Tank Crew #2
1:35th Figure Set No. 35052
Review by Terry Ashley

Alpine MiniaturesAlpine MiniaturesAlpine Miniatures
Figures sculptured by Taesung Harmms
This second figure in the tank crew wears the one-piece HBT tank crew suit with two breast pockets and slanted trouser pockets and an M3 shoulder holster for Cal.45 M-1911 pistol with the usual choice of heads with one wearing the M1 steel helmet and the other the M1942 armoured forces helmet.

The figure is standing in a relaxed pose with arms at his sides in a leaning pose which does look a little odd at first as he is not actually leaning on anything like the similarly posed crewman in the recent British Tank Crew set (#35049) but does give the appearance of movement as it's not a pose you would see normally. This pose though gives the figure an appearance quite different from the normal figure and would add nice animation when used in a diorama setting

The full body is cast as one piece with just the right arm and now familiar two heads separate with just a bare minimum of cleanup required on the small casting blocks on the feet and heads with the block from the M1 helmet needing a little care to ensure a nice smooth finish. When removing the casting block from the arm you will have to take care not to remove too much resin to create a gap where there normally wouldn't have been one.

Detail on the uniform is superb with very well defined fabric seams with items such as the pockets, collars are very well done as is the facial features hands that have always been a standout with Alpine figures and the two heads have natural expressions that will come up with painting.

As with previous figures I added a small “wire” pin to the neck to go into a hole drilled into the body but again this is a personal thing to make fitting and swapping the heads easy and not a reflection of the fit which is perfect if you just want to glue the chosen head in place. This also allows the heads to be painted separate and easily attached later.

This figures continues the high standards from Alpine Miniatures with the only reservation being the primate like pose which takes time to sink in but the uniform and anatomical features are excellent and should look best in combination with other figures.

Highly recommended 9/10

Also see set #35052 WW2 US Tank Crew #1 and combines set #35053 WW2 US Tank Crew Set

The resin parts
Alpine Miniatures
Views of the assembled figure
Alpine Miniatures

See the Alpine Miniatures web site for ordering details and thanks to Taesung from Alpine Miniatures for the review sample.

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