Alpine Miniatures
WW2 German Officer #1
1:35th Figure Set No. 35054
Review by Terry Ashley

Alpine MiniaturesAlpine MiniaturesAlpine Miniatures
Figures painted by Jaume Ortiz Forns
This figure from Alpine is of a German Officer standing in a casual pose wearing the rubberised protective coat with inner wool lining issued to motorcyclists but were a much prized fashion accessory for Officers and is holding a map case in his left hand and the right arm posed as if resting on a bench, tank fender or similar.

The full body is cast as one piece with just the left arm the now familiar two heads and pistol holster separate with just a bare minimum of cleanup required on the small casting blocks on the feet, heads and arm casting. When removing the casting block from the arm you will have to take care not to remove too much resin from the folds.

One head wears an Officers cap and other a forage cap for good variety that gives a different feel to the figure depending on your choice of head.

Detail on the uniform is superb with very well defined fabric seams with items such as the pockets, collars are very well done as is the facial features and hands that have always been a standout with Alpine figures and the two heads have natural expressions that will come up with painting. The texture on the overcoat portrays the rubberised effect very well and will be enhanced with careful painting as the box top image shows which as always can be used as a painting guide.

The binoculars and map case included with the casting have very crisp definition making painting easier with about the only issue being the bottom of the coat is cast solid and hollowing out the undersides of the coat could be an option. But as the coat if full length this is not really noticeable on the final figure but will add that final touch.

Assembly was very straightforward without any trimming or other alterations required, most notably with the arm that fitted very snugly into the shoulder for quick and easy assembly.

As with previous figures I added a small “wire” pin to the neck to go into a hole drilled into the body to make fitting and swapping the heads easier but the head fit if you just want to glue the chosen head in place. This also allows the heads to be painted separate and easily attached later. A small tip if you do add the pin is to always drill the hole for the pin at right angles to the neck cut-off on both the torso and head as this will ensure the head sits correctly as intended when fitted together.

This figures continues the high standards from Alpine Miniatures with the overcoat being a standout along with excellent uniform and anatomical features for a very useful figure to add to dioramas.

Highly recommended 9/10

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The resin parts
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Views of the assembled figure
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