Alpine Miniatures
SS Pz NCO LAH Kharkov
1:35th Figure Set No. 35058
Review by Terry Ashley

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Figures painted by Calvin Tan
This companion figure to set #35057 Max Wünsche LAH Kharkov depicts a typical Assault Gun commander during the Kharkov fighting of 1943.

The figure is standing in a relaxed pose with arms on his hips and wears the Assault Gun crew tunic with additional neck scarf and reversible winter trousers as well as a pair of field binoculars and the usual two alternate heads. These offer a choice of fur lined cap and forage cap that gives a distinctly different look to the figure depending on the head choice.

The full body is cast as one piece with just separate arms and heads with a bare minimum of cleanup required on the small casting blocks on the feet and heads, there is some minor casting seams in the insides of the legs that is easily removed with a #11 blade.

Detail on the uniform is well done with nicely defined fabric seams, pockets and collars with the facial features also well done with natural expressions that will come up with painting.

Assembly was very straightforward without any trimming or other alterations required, most notably with the arms that fit very snugly into the shoulders for quick and easy assembly.

As with previous figures I added a small “wire” pin to the neck to go into a hole drilled into the body to make fitting and swapping the heads easier but the head fit if you just want to glue the chosen head in place. This also allows the heads to be painted separate and easily attached later. A small tip if you do add the pin is to always drill the hole for the pin at right angles to the neck cut-off on both the torso and head as this will ensure the head sits correctly as intended when fitted together.

Another excellent figure from Alpine Miniatures with excellent uniform and anatomical features and should look best in combination with other figures.

Highly recommended 9/10

Also see set #35057 Max Wünsche LAH Kharkov and combined set #35059 LAH Officers Kharkov Set

The resin parts
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Views of the assembled figure
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See the Alpine Miniatures web site for ordering details and thanks to Taesung from Alpine Miniatures for the review sample.

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