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French Tanker 1940
1:35 Figure Set #BL35099F
Preview by Terry Ashley

This is a preview of a soon to be released French Tanker 1940 from Blast Models with the crewman standing with hands on hips wearing the typical tankers uniform of the time of leather jacket, trousers and tanker’s helmet just the thing for the new Tamiya Chars B1 bis (kit # 35282) or any other French tank of the time.

The set has three parts, the full figure with head included and two separate arms cast in a light grey resin with just the usual small casting blocks to be removed and no other blemishes evident.

Detail on the uniforms is very nicely done with good definition on the jacket seams, front buttons, pockets and belt with the pistol holster also cleanly represented. The facial features and hands are well done as is the helmet but the legs are a little out of proportion especially the upper left leg which is too thin leaving a pronounced gap between the legs.

As this is a pre-release figure this may be rectified with the final figure but this is only an assumption on my part, or more likely a hope and I should be able to update this preview when the final figure is released soon.

A nicely done early war French Tanker with excellent uniform and facial details with the bulky jacket nicely represented but the leg profile let’s it down with a little but you should be able to build up the leg profile with some putty or epoxy relatively easy.


Resin parts
Blast Models
Assembled figure
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Thanks to Gilles from Blast Models for the preview figure set.

Page created June 6, 2006

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