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French Tanker on Turret 1940
1:35 Figure Set #BL35102F
Preview by Terry Ashley

Following on from the recent French Tanker 1940 (set #BL35099F) from Blast Models comes this figure of another French Tanker from 1940 sitting on the open turret hatch of a Char B1/B1 bis and is again wearing the typical tankers uniform of the time of leather jacket, trousers and tanker’s helmet.

The set has just two parts, the full figure with head and right arm included and separate left arm cast in a light gray resin with just some small casting blocks to be removed and no other blemishes evident.

Detail on the uniforms is again very nicely done with good definition on the jacket seams, front buttons, pockets and belt with the pistol holster also cleanly represented. The facial features (with moustache) and hands are well done as is the helmet with the crossed legs looking quite convincing and the undone chin strap on the helmet is also very nicely defined and adds to the relaxed feel of the figure.

The fit of the arm to the body was very good and there is a small indentation under his arm to fit over the small fitting on the top of the B1 bis turret and this helps align the figure correctly on the open hatch for a very natural pose.

While the figure is optimised for the Tamiya Char B1 bis it could of course be used on other French tanks of the time such as the H38/39s from Bronco Models and Trumpeter with any problems.

A photo of the painted figure from set #BL35099F is included as a painting guide to help things along.

A nicely done early war French Tanker with excellent uniform and facial details with the bulky jacket nicely represented along with the natural relaxed pose and if used in conjunction with the previous figure will make a nice crew for your Char B1 bis.

Highly recommended.

Resin parts
Blast Models
Assembled figure
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Thanks to Gilles from Blast Models for the preview figure set.

Page created September 12, 2006

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